ICANN approved a new top-level domain for Armenia in the native language

ICANN announces the successful completion of the assessment phase of another IDN-domain – now in Armenia. A growing number of applications for national domains speaks to their popularity and demand more and more countries. Recall that the first requests for national domains received November 16, 2009. This process enables countries and territories to send requests to ICANN on the allocation of domain IDN ccTLD, which represent the name of the country or territory of non-Roman alphabet characters. When submitting requests for allocation IDN-domain, you need to meet several requirements:

  • A font that is used to represent the IDN ccTLD must be non-Latin;
  • Languages that are used for IDN ccTLD, must be official for the country or territory;
  • Must be satisfied with a certain set of technical requirements (estimated IDN and DNS experts).

The process of sending and evaluation of the request passes through three stages

  • Preparation. Stated domain must obtain the consent of the Internet community. Just need to show what the organization will administer the domain, and to collect all the necessary documentation. Inquiries and additional materials are fed through online system. More details can be found here: http://forms.icann.org/idn/apply.php
  • Evaluation. Queries are evaluated in accordance with all the technical and linguistic requirements specified above.
  • Delegation. If all criteria are met, you can apply for domain delegation, which receive the same review process as well as for ASCII ccTLD.

At this point, applications from 35 countries / territories have successfully passed the evaluation phase and ICANN says that they are waiting for new treatment to grant national domains, the writing of which is held by non-Latin characters.

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