New hosting plans for mail systems and servers

Under the umbrella brand “Germany IT Services” starts the German Telekom new hosting plans for the operation of mail systems and servers.

Target group for the new managed services in the cloud are medium and large business customers. Under the “Managed Mail Services” of the Bonn-based company takes over the hosting of Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino. The basic version costs 9.03 euros each net per month and users with 500 users.

It can be loud Telekom mails hold indefinitely and archived as needed to audit-proof. The offerings include automated backups and protection.

In the case of Microsoft Exchange 2010, the provider Complete management, licensing, and service-level agreements accepts (SLAs). Domino he positioned as a “professional, with sophisticated SLAs fused mail and groupware system”. Surcharge additional options such as memory extensions or BlackBerry integration are available.

In terms of server hosting the Telekom comes up with “Managed Dynamic Server” (virtual) and “Managed Dedicated Server” (exclusive). The Dynamic Server runs with either Linux or Windows, and includes the standard version 1 vCPU, 2 and 50 working VGB VGB disk space. It costs when booking on 40 servers per month 161 Euro plus VAT.

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